Top 10 Parenting Books You Should Read

It’s such a shame they don’t teach us parenting at school. When it comes to raising kids, we have to rely on someone else’s first-hand experience. Each family has to choose its own path and parenting style to grow an independent, healthy, and happy offspring.

When parents faced a new problem, their main advisers are usually grandparents and the Internet. But those sources of information, however valuable, aren’t always adequate. Internet articles provide only fragmentary and hardly verified knowledge. And parenting tips from grandparents may not fit for modern times. After all, they raised us in a different era. In their time, the world wasn’t so “child-centric.”

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How to deal with the lack of communication between children and parents

What if family for you? As for me, a family is where I can find the closest people, and they will always be there to help me. Unfortunately for some people family means the opposite. This was the main reason why I decided to write this article. As you may know, we mostly get our complexes in childhood and suffer from them for the rest of our lives. Parents play a major role in this process. Very often, their children’s complexes are results of the lack of normal communication between parents and children.

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